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May 2009 TK's Korner
Why Work with Tom Kubinski?

Why do you choose to work with a particular company?

Besides all the differences between each specific company, it often comes down to the Rep or Printing Consultant and the Relationship that you Share.

And what can your Print Consultant bring to the table?


Have the Experience, Expertise and Knowledge of the many different papers, inks, techniques, and processes that a project needs to go through to make sure it is mechanically possible to produce with the desired results.

Deliver on Their Promises Doing what they say they will.

Show Ability to Bring Value to each project via recommendations or creative ideas/solutions.

Understand and Show Different Techniques & Samples to enhance your design and layout, making it stand out from the rest.

Offer Savings on particular ways to run a project.

Communicate Be able to get a hold of them when you need to. Create the feel that even if the project is out of sight, it's never out of their mind.

Free Up your Time to work on other things that are important to you.

With that being said, what EXACTLY can Tom Kubinski Do For You?

Hmmm, Don't get me started…

(Besides being a loud, obnoxious, fun, detail-oriented personality with two different colored eyes-one blue, one brown… You never know which one will be doing the press check. Ha ha)

Here's What:

Tom Sharpens His Pencils to Get You the Best Possible Outcome

  • I've Been in This Industry for Over 20 Years and have worked with major Ad Agencies across the nation, Direct Manufacturing, Medical, Non-Profit, Small to Large Companies, etc.
  • Have Estimated, Job Planned and Project Coordinated – This has allowed me to have a full understanding of various equipment capabilities, that will make certain the design intended is met and within the desired time frame.
  • Have Worked with Companies that Offer Sheet Fed, Web, Digital and Variable 1-To-1 Printing, In House Mailing, Envelope Manufacturing, Letterpress, Die Cutting, Foil Stamping, Thermography, Fulfillment, etc.
  • I Ask Questions! What is the end use, the desired effect, target market response we're going after, Is the project life cycle a one-time view, disposable or a high profile long shelf life, etc. Is it a family member piece that must match others? Can we make suggestions on how to get there faster, less expensive, etc? All to make sure the desired effect may be engineered and the intended design results are accomplished.
  • I Save Valuable Client Resources – Like your time, your money, and your personnel.
  • Organized Tours of Paper Mills – So you'll understand why a certainsubstrate works for a particular product, process or not. There are two main ingredients in every job, Paper & Ink – If you understand the differences between uncoated/coated, gloss/dull/matte/velvet/silk, when to use one over another, then you're guaranteed a great outcome. I've been doing this every year for the last 15 and I still learn something new every time. Please see Paper Mill Tour-Coated Papers , Paper Mill Tour-Uncoated Papers and Picking the Right Paper.
  • Organized Tours of Ink Manufacturing Facilities – Here you'll learn the difference the same color PMS has on different stocks, shelf life of the ink, (especially metallic), what UV Burn is and how to manage it. Please see Ink Tour and UV Burn.

    PLUS –

Tom Leaps Tall Buildings For Your Project

  • We Have a Sales/CSR Team To communicate and manage each project in the most efficient manner possible
  • We Desire to Make a Difference by partnering with you. Lets face it, you can't understand all the particulars in my arena, nor I yours. Yet, if we work together, and trust each other, we can make the whole process fun, exciting and have the final piece surpass your expectations. Or, as I like to say, "Make sure you get the most for each Marketing Dollar invested".

Try to Follow Along Here With How Tom's Brain Works?


    • Golf Score Cards A fun way for you to evaluate each and every project with us. You'll be able to score our team from the beginning to the end, which aids us in making sure we deliver what is expected.

One Success Story:

A 3M Client came to me with a brand new product, a blue pad that scours up to 4 times faster and scratches stainless steel up to 8 times less than the old green standby one. Boy, was it impressive! They asked me how to reflect this in a marketing piece. What an exciting challenge and partnership!

I came up with 10 different paper stocks, 4 different coatings and 5 different scratch off coatings, for a total of 42 different samples for the 3M R&D department to test.

The result was that we nailed it perfectly on one combination. The material had to bite enough or hold to show the scouring rub without completely falling away like a normal scratch off. The non-scratching stainless steel portion was accomplished by me contacting a sheet metal fabrication company and acquiring cut-down shims that were applied by 3M's heavy-duty double-sided tape, side by side to the scratch off area along with all the marketing information.

The whole product line was hugely successful and went into 3 languages. It truly was exciting to be a partner and make it happen!!

Client Testimonial:

"The 10-Second Elevator Speech about Tom Kubinski would sound like this: An amazingly knowledgeable, high-energy printing consultant who knows how to get the work done on time and on budget. One warning: DO NOT WORK WITH THIS MAN IF YOU HAVE HAD RECENT SURGERY. You are sure to pull out a few stitches from laughter. Seriously, besides being a fabulous guy, Tom really knows this industry inside and out and I rely on him for advice as well as for actual printing. He's a straight shooter and will tell you what he can't do for you as well as what he can do for you (although there's not much he can't do!) I look forward to reading his "TK's Korner" newsletter and always learn a thing or two about printing. I don't give recommendations lightly, and I don't hesitate in my recommendation of Tom (except for the surgery thing.)" February 16, 2009

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Kat Dalager hired Tom as a Printing Rep in 2007

You can also check out my profile, join my network and view more client comments on LinkedIn at –

It's Just Plain Fun to Say - 'K U B I N S K I !'

      More client comments include:
      Listens to my needs
      Will go the extra mile
      Engages in projects
      Works with you to make things perfect
      Does quality checks for quality outcome
      Enjoyable to work with
      Strong print industry knowledge
      Creative thinker
      Strategic thinker
      Great results
      High integrity

Well, that pretty much says it all. I look forward to our next opportunity together.

(How Can You Say 'No' to a Face Like That?)

Referrals are greatly appreciated. If you know someone who I should contact, please let me know.

If you would like to join me on one of our upcoming tours, if there is something that you would like me to address, or if you know of someone who might like to receive TK's Korner, please let me know via e-mail at or phone.

Take care and have a great day!

Tom Kubinski, Printing Consultant

Printing Consultant Who Helps You Make Good Impressions
Direct: 612-278-1568
Cell: 612-760-3700

TK Out Standing in his Field

(PS: If you'd like, Go to and sign up for the Sexton E Trends, a FREE e message service offering print production tips and industry trends designed to make your job easier and your production workflow more efficient.)

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Print & Media Buyer Magazine, Winter issue 2007

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