The 4 P's of Direct Mail:
  1. Physical Attributes-size, shape, thickness
  2. Printing-color, paper
  3. Personalization-lists, fulfillment
  4. Postage-Machinable, mailable, readable
    1. Physical characteristics
    2. Folding-spine down orientation
    3. Flexibility
    4. Merlin-(Mailing Evaluation Readability)
      • verifies presort, bar code quality, basic mail piece dimension-thickness-size
      • Non manchinable surcharges
      • Mailable-rectangular, shape, size, thickness, address orientation-horizontal
      • Automation Postal Discounts-
        1. aspect ratio=length/height, must fall between 1.3-2.5. IE 6x6, would be 6/6=1 and would not qualify.
        2. no polywrap, polybag, shrink wrap, clasps, strings, buttons etc.
        3. Tabbing or Glue tabs-depends on fold at bottom or top.