Gen Y=26 & 27 year olds. The years when you spend the most on plumage —"Groinbach Kennith"

1985-2004 is the Most Coveted Demographic Group of all, young vs consumers. 100 million burn. They purchase at rates of about 500% more than their parents in adjusted dollars

31-45 demographic is a prime target for- Live Insurance, Medical Related Industries, etc., since this group is more likely to consist of families with children, breadwinners approaching their prime earning years and those beginning to care for aging parents according to Feb 2012 issue of

4 kinds of Customers: via Don Peppers
A) Prospects-seductive, engaging
B) Customers-once become, change our voice, we got their back
C) Loyal Customers-increase share, spend more $, refer me to
D) Former Customers-if fail

Young Readers: "Young consumers are more likely to read and respond to printed materials such as flyers, circulars, catalogs and newsletters that reach them through the mail"

12 to 25 years old: Best way to contact them is through text messaging. See our ad or commercial-date, time, vehicle