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June 2008 TK's Korner
In House Mailing Capabilities

10 Ways Sexton Printing Helps You
Maximize Efficiencies in Your Mailings:

(Before I begin with how Sexton can help you with our many in house mailing services - please take a few moments to check out the May 2008 TK's Korner issue of Postal Increase, Changes and Mailing Requirements, all effective as of May 12.)

  1. Address Coding/Standardization/Delivery Point Validation (via CASS Certified Software)
  2. Postal Presorting (via PAVE Certified Software to Maximize Postal Discounts}
  3. Merge/Purge Services
  4. N.C.O.A. Processing, ACS, Ancillary Service Endorsement
  5. List Hygiene & Enhancement Services (ie. Database Restructuring)
  6. List Evaluation & Error Reports
  7. Mailing Strategy Consultations
  8. Single Source Control & Convenience
  9. Dual Head Ink Jetting
  10. Wafer Sealing
Meeting growing postal challenges while providing added control and convenience encouraged Sexton Printing to work closely with customers and the Post Office to develop effective mail distribution strategies aimed at getting materials delivered quickly and cost effectively.

Often the solution is not any single action, but a relentless pursuit of many small improvements along the process that make a big difference in costs, efficiencies and speed of delivery. Today the price of mailing magazines, journals, newsletters, catalogs and other printed materials can significantly affect an organization's bottom line. As a result, you, the mailer, need to take a more comprehensive look at your objectives - considering everything from the date a printed piece needs to arrive at its final destination to mailing frequency and format issues.

Sexton Printing has been involved with mailing in many aspects for over 20 years. Our niche has always been and continues to be in publications, periodicals and direct mail.

We take a consultative and comprehensive approach to each one of our customers communication needs with an emphasis on proper design for printing, as well as mailing requirements. In addition, we will evaluate the integrity of your list, checking for problems such as improper address formatting that can negatively affect mail processing. The first time we process your list you'll receive these FREE items:

  • An error report which lists any addresses unsuccessfully matched to the national database.
  • A list of addresses with invalid ZIP Codes.
  • Recommendations to help you improve your list preparation and achieve maximum list integrity.
One particular win-win situation, has been with a new client who had been doing the same mailing with another printing company for the previous two years. We suggested going to a heavier weight stock for a cost of $1000 more in paper that yielded a savings of $3000 in postage. Mail reclassification continues to reward automation compatible mail with discounts that are intended to compensate mailers for their preparation investments. (Mail not conforming to automation standards pays a premium or surcharge.)

Address quality standards:

  1. In order to receive automation discounts for either First Class or Standard Mail, mail list must have been updated at least 95 days prior to mail date via NCOA, Address Requested, etc. This regulation becomes live November 23, 2008.
  2. All ZIP Codes on mailings must be accurate to qualify for presort and/or automation discounts. Using PAVE (Presort, Accuracy, Validation and Evaluation) certified software is recommended.
  3. Carrier Route mail must contain addresses that have been successfully matched to the most current USPS National database using CASS certified software. Coding must be performed within 90 days of the mail date.
  4. For all other automated pieces, coding must be performed within six months, USPS approved documentation required in all cases.
  5. Sexton CASS Codes/DPV Verification every mailing.
Let's recap some of the old and new requirements:
  1. BRC / Postcards - Minimum 3.5x5 Maximum 4.25x6
    NOTE: What's important today in order to be machinable, is that the piece must be 7pt thick up to 4.25x6 or 9pt for sizes.Otherwise, you will lose automation discounts and pay a surcharge. Some stock will satisfy this requirement with 80lb stock while others will need to be heavier.
    Please make sure to double-check this!
  2. Letter - Minimum 3.5x5 Maximum 6.125x11.5
    ie. a 6x9 postcard falls into the Letter category.
    NOTE: The piece must meet the aspect ratio=relationship between the height and width to be machinable. Weight is a factor and depends on the specific postal classification.
  3. Flat - Height- minimum=5" maximum=12"
    Length- minimum=6" maximum=15"
    NOTE: A design must is a particular orientation between final folded/bound edge and any intermediate folded/bound edge. Thickness no more than 3/4" thick. Weight for 1st class= 13 oz max, Periodicals= 20 oz max, Standard= less than 16 oz, Bound Printed Matter= 20 oz max.
Still confused? Don't worry. Sexton Printing offers complete in-house mailing services, and we're in compliance with the rules and regulations of reclassification.

Most important, we're fully committed to helping your organization develop an effective strategy to reduce mailing costs and speed delivery. We'll maximize your presort discounts through our PAVE and CASS certified software, then go several steps beyond to ensure you gain all the postal advantages possible.

When sending files to Sexton Printing via email, address them to Please be sure to include the following for faster and more accurate processing:

  1. Name of each file
  2. Number of records for each file
  3. Specify the Sexton job number that has been assigned to your project (if applicable)
  4. Send all files together at one time
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