Case Studies:

1)    Method of contact preferred by consumers:

76%= Regular Mail=

8%= E Mail


6%=In Person Visit

3%=No Answer


2)    Percentage of sales from paper catalogs vs. website:

Catalogs=80%, Website=20%



New Page-Response Project Case Study:

As of 7-11-2006

43% preferred 100lb Dull Cover

27% preferred 80lb Dull Cover

16% preferred 100lb Gloss Text

14% preferred 80lb Gloss Text


see for more specifics



2005 Strategies for Management, Inc used DMA data to calculate revenue per promotion dollar spent in the various types of media:


Media----------------------------------------Estimate of Revenue Per Dollar Spent

Direct Mail------------------------------------$20.29


E Mail------------------------------------------16.0

Dimensional Mail-Samples/Give A ways--15.50






Free Standing Newspaper Inserts-----------1.71


Direct Response TV-Info Mercials----------.67


Case Study:2003 British Population response % vs Medium

60%=Direct Mail

55%=Newspaper & Magazine





7%=Outbound Telemarketing


Case Study: UK's average response rates:

11.3%=Direct mail to consumers

9.9%=Direct mail to business

   15% filter mail before passing on to managers

   66% of managers open it and filters 80%

6.5%=door drops


Airline TV commercials and direct mail packs program:

Program-brochure in mail package incorporated a frame from TV commercial and free

               flight bag as an incentive for booking.

Result-demonstrated benefits of integrated multimedia campaign.

          -67% recalled the TV commercial for those who received mailing

          -9% recalled the TV commercial for those who did not receive mailing

          -Brand preference increased significantly in group recalling mailing by 27% of

             them voting airline as 1st choice

          -Brand preference only increased by 1% in group who did not receive mailing


Rental Car-via Peppers & Rogers:

20% of all American adults rent a car at least 1 time a year

5% rent a car >1 time a year

.2% rent a car >10 times a year

1% of customers provide car rental companies with 25% of business


Brands & Profits by David Ogilvy

<10% of households derive most of a brands profits

<20% of the most valuable consumers rarely have dominant brand

<80% of brand volume is bought by consumers who don't count or care

NOTE by communicating directly with your best consumers, you can increase their purchase as much as 40%